Sea of Potential

March 21, 2013
Anne Rice

This time and space is filled with such abundant energy of potential that it takes great personal energy, more than we are aware of, to resist it’s flow. I think of a submarine deep in the ocean with the pressure of thousands of tons of water on all sides. Windows threatening to crack, faulty equipment beginning to fail. Like a submarine, our egos, or static versions of self, work hard to resist the constant pressure of the universal sea of energy. It fights, hardens itself, maintains it’s structure with great effort all while resisting the immense power around it. In the name of staying “safe” and “in control” it braces itself against the change it perceives as scary.

Then one day, love seeps through the cracks. And oh my –It feels GOOD! I think I want more of that, says a voice of longing. Little by little at first, a gentleness starts to soften the hardened edges. Insights begin to bubble up and create more breathing room. Emotions begin to flow with tingling permeability and openness. It feels so satisfying and enlivening that the voice of longing asks for even more. What was once a gentle flow becomes a strong current pulling the remaining structures of ego into a whirlpool of release and receptivity.  How deep can this go? asks the ego. The answer found within the question breaths new life into every cell, replacing the old walls with open doors to insight, love and freedom.

Releasing into the sea of potential around and within you is the reason you are here. When you long for it and reach for it, it will respond and bring you home.