Developing Peace in the Heart

September 6, 2021
Anne Rice

Peace, on the outside, is not something you have as a birthright. Peace is a quality of feeling that is developed through trials. It’s often easier to experience in quieter moments, but to be at peace regardless of circumstances takes time and attention to develop, either through outer challenges or inner focus. The latter is a more merciful approach, but is usually the road less travelled. If you have the longing for the inner path, there are gems to be discovered in the intimate process of awakening the high qualities within the heart.

There are infinite qualities, but over the centuries Sufis have distilled them down to 99 ways to personally experience Great Spirit, God, Allah, The Universe. These qualities include Love, Peace, Compassion, Justice and Freedom. When we clarify our hearts, practice and experience these qualities over time, they develop within the heart of the traveller and bring deep gems of gnostic knowledge, joy and the release of suffering.

‘As Salaam’, in Arabic, is a quality that means Peace and Security. When we develop this quality of feeling, it connects us to the source of the Divine, as all qualities do. It taps us into the feeling of being protected by the highest power, walking a path deep in Trust. It give us the security of knowing in our bones that we are safe from all harm, we are moving through life securely on our path, surrounded by the unseen but Absolute presence of protection. When we are able to trust that we are held and cared for by the Source of life, no matter what happens, we can surrender deeper into our hearts and feel the abiding presence of Peace.

With the release of fear and struggle into the heart of Peace, a soft ‘force field’ grows and expands in us. As it develops in our hearts our inner vision can relax and expand to the horizon where we clearly see our life and it’s obstacles as smaller than the Peace that we are immersed in. Peace has the power to lift us out of narrowness of mind into the soft permeating field where the experiences we draw in are held in a broader context. Instead of sharp reactions, the relaxed system in Peace responds with insight. It reveals the true meaning within the challenge and sets us at ease in the knowing.

When sufis say “As Salaam” with sacredness as a chant or prayer, the vibration of the quality held in the name moves into our hearts to sanctify our experiences. It permeates as deeply as we allow it and has the capacity to draw us back into balance when it is the center of our experience.

‘As Salaam’ feels like a balm soothing the sore spots while releasing our systems from worry, blame, shame, fear, and judgement. Below is a video transmission of Peace, guiding you into your heart to awaken this quality deep inside. Open, release your mind to your heart and feel this gem that is alive in you waiting to be revealed.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.