How can I access the feeling of love in meditation?

March 15, 2013
Anne Rice

Finding the feeling of love is deeply personal. Almost all of us have moments, in our memories, of love. Draw the strongest memories forward into your mind, feel and relive that experience. Think of the first time you fell in love. That all consuming feeling of being swept up in the embrace of a lover, of opening your heart and surrendering into the river of love.

Finding Love in Meditation

If you have not been in love, think of someone that you love unconditionally. Since adult relationships are more complex, calling to mind a child or a pet you have a strong love for will deepen you into the feeling. Let it grow in you as you focus on the memory or loved one. Drop into this feeling and go deeper and deeper into it’s texture in your heart until you no longer need the image or memory to initiate it.

As you continue on the path, it will become easier and easier to access until it becomes your natural state of being.