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The School of the Deep Heart was founded in 2007 on Maui, Hawaii. Our mission is to open the door of discovery into the deep heart and provide a path of healing in mind/body, emotion, heart and soul.

About Anne


Twenty two years ago I started my journey with a Sufi Master Sheik and healer who developed a very in-depth, practical system of spiritual development. Before I met Sidi Muhammad Al Jamal, I studied and practiced for 10 years in Psychotherapy, Somatic Psychotherapy, Reiki, Hypnosis, Buddhist meditation, Tao practices, Zen meditation. Then I found myself sitting in front of a Sufi Master who showed me how my knowledge and practice was only the tip of the iceberg.

What he showed me through inner experiencing was profound. The wisdom within the Essential Love of the Deep Heart and Soul broke open all of my training and understanding. It surpassed all my concepts and practices 1000 fold and left me feeling as though I was in kindergarten again. It was humbling and at the same time liberating. All limits dissolved when I looked into Sidi's eyes and opened my heart to him. He and my teachers at the time took my soul on an epic journey that lasted 10 years and continues in it’s deepening today. I am not who I was all those years ago, not even close. My struggles have dissolved into a rich inner world where I don’t feel pain and resistance like I did, with an inner freedom I cant begin to describe. Flying like a bird while sitting still is the closest analogy I can give. One thing that is constant on this path —all that is out of sync in us finds a way of shifting and clicking into place as we reorient ourselves toward The Real.

Sidi named me a teacher and I now have the gift of walking with my students on this deep path with it’s internal quakes and expansions. I am grateful for this every day as those drawn to this path are the ones who are ready to wake up and see, feel, hear, know the Reality of deep, clear Love. Sharing this experience with sincere students in groups and one on one magnifies the inner worlds (some refer to them as shamanic) so that what was hidden is revealed, creating an opening for pure, sweet Love to stream into life through us.

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