About School of the Deep Heart

The School of the Deep Heart was founded in 2007 on Maui, Hawaii. Our mission is to open the door of discovery into the deep heart and provide a path of healing in mind/body, emotion, heart and soul.

About Anne

BA in Behavioral Sciences
MA in Contemplative Counseling Psychotherapy

Post Graduate Degrees:
Advanced Sufi Healing
Body Mind Psychotherapy

Includes extensive training in:
Shamanic grid healing
Trauma release
Soul retrieval
Deep emotional healing

Anne Rice has been practicing for 25 years, guiding individuals, couples, and group retreats from divine heart-centered inspiration. Through a strong devotion to her own and other's spiritual development, she has been given gifts of clear gnosis. This is the pure knowing, originating in Spirit, of each individual's path, and how to purify and release all obstacles to spiritual freedom.

Anne's gifts manifest in the ability to hear, see, directly know and feel the qualities of light in each individual, and the subconscious patterns and beliefs ready to be released and transformed. The process she leads uncovers what is hidden in the soul and spirit in order to make manifest the highest potential in love, beauty, peace and strength that is one's birth-rite. Integrating the essential higher lights into the mind, emotional and physical bodies completes the healing and actualizes brilliant and profound changes in life, health and relationships.

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