Anne has accompanied me on a magical journey…

“Anne has accompanied me on a magical journey, helping me to heal while releasing all the debris that I have collected in my life. Her work is indeed phenomenal and much needed in this time of expansion and growth. Anne brings light into any situation.” – Ka Te, Maui

In one session I experienced a strong transformation…

“In one session I experienced a strong transformation through the release of unwanted energy that my body was holding onto as a defense mechanism, along with a knowing that it is OK to let go and open my heart to love. It is beautiful to be able to connect with and feel the true me again and the infinite possibilities.” – HeartPath Retreat Student

Anne’s wisdom teachings…

“Anne’s wisdom teachings, and her nurturing manner of sharing the profound knowledge that she possesses, are helping me to to bridge the gap between the sometimes rocky present and the states of being that I have always longed for in my life.  I am deeply grateful to have  found such a strong and accessible teacher as Anne. With her guidance, I am learning to lead my life from the heart of love, while at the same time, remaining centered and grounded. Working with Anne has quite literally changed the course of my life.” – Lauren Teller

My experience in Sedona…

“My experience in Sedona (workshop) under the guidance and wisdom of one of the greatest teachers I know, Anne Rice, compares to no other. Life changing as a description would not suffice. There are no words for how full my heart feels, how rich the experience was, how much I learned and grew, and for the new friendships I made. At the retreat I experienced deep and profound moments that are manifesting into life transitions, transformations and pure joy at the realization that love does truly make a difference in my world and the world around me. When I am grounded, centered and truly connected in to my source of love, nothing is impossible….past hurts, hurdles, challenges slip away and I’m left with a clearing to create a life that I want and choose to live. It’s truly amazing and I will forever be grateful for the experience, for Anne and for the new friendships I’ve made…” – Michele Banks

Anne’s teachings, incisive insight and facilitated…

“This endeavor of the spirit has transformed my life. Anne’s teachings, incisive insight and facilitated healing process makes for a profound deepening and re-emergence into an expanded life. A release from tethers and joyful rebirth is what I have experienced again and again in Anne’s workshops, groups and session work.” – Gloria Quinn

Anne did more than any psychotherapist did…

“Anne did more than any psychotherapist did in years of work to clear my heart…in less than 90 minutes.” – Nancy Trent – Whole Foods Magazine

This is the most profound inner work…

“This is the most profound inner work I have experienced in my many years of searching, and it has set me free.” -C. H., student – session work

I recommend Anne as a guide…

“I recommend Anne as a guide and instructor to help anyone through their dark night of the soul. She is truly a light-worker of the highest caliber.” -Susan H., Ascension Group student

This was such an awesome session…

“This was such an awesome session, I got so much out of it. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it!” -HeartPath retreat student

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