Living From Your Heart

July 10, 2018
Anne Rice

As the world undergoes the massive change that we are all intricately tied to, we are each being invited to undergo a massive change in ourselves. There is a disassembling of all inside ourselves that is aligned with the dysfunction of the old system, because we aren’t separate from the world around us. We are individuals expressing either what is dysfunctional or of peace, contributing our flavor to the soup of our environment.

What do you imagine the world becoming after the transfiguring is complete? The pain and struggle seen globally is our means to a new creation. I have the image of a seed in mind. When a seed transforms to grow a tree, it completely falls apart, spills out it’s contents and becomes brand new. Same with a butterfly. The caterpillar becomes unrecognizable as the contents in the chrysalis become liquid. When the tree or the butterfly forms it is a new creation. Just like us. Think of who you were as a baby, what a massive transformation! Our evolution doesnt stop as adults, it only just begins. It simply becomes less of an external, visible event and more of an internal rebirth of self. What is ready in you to wake up inside of your heart and what are the patterns of decay and limitation ready to fall away?

Living from the heart is just this, it is a fluid transformation from the outer to the inner. The soul is what is born in form while the old identities fade into the past. Ideally, as we age, our perceptions change, our attachments to the world lesson and our souls shine through brighter than ever. This is what we are being called to, the life of the heart and soul and spirit, while all physical attachment gets turned in the compost bin.