Bowing your Head to your Heart

August 18, 2022
Anne Rice

The small self is made up of will, emotion, mind patterns, attachments, struggle and dependencies. Another word for it is ‘Control.’ It sits on a foundation of fear and lack of safety without much trust. It holds disbelief in the unseen Benevolence, while believing in itself as master. The small self invests it’s time and energy on managing life instead of fully living it in an unbridled way.

Meanwhile you are surrounded and immersed in the substance that holds all of creation together. God. The Real. Like the fish who cant conceive of water, the ego is so self absorbed it thinks it is in charge. But the ocean moves of it’s own accord and you are only a speck inside it’s great and enveloping presence.

The Source of truth is always inviting you to turn and face it’s Reality.. to once and for all throw caution to the wind and hand yourself over to The Love. Let yourself be swept down the river and carried in the soft momentum of freedom. The undertow is tugging at you. Are you ready to let go and recognize that you are not in charge? That worrying does not change a thing?

What will it take to release yourself from the pulling away, the fighting and running from this Source that loves you?

There is a higher movement, a stronger pull than the control of your ego. It is the all knowing light that gives you intuitive glimpses to guide you forward in clear moments. It is the field of Love that gathers you up and protects you in your darkest times, if you let It.

When you bow your head, and your whole self, to the movement of Love in and around you, it will soften and clear the density restricting your mind and heart. When you acknowledge through this prostration that you are not seeing the whole picture, that you are clinging to small ideas and habits, the release can happen more deeply than you have ever experienced.

If you feel called to bowing your ego in humility and opening to the ocean of Love instead, here is a meditation to help you on your way.

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