The Deep Change is Happening

August 11, 2022
Anne Rice

People with sensitivity and awareness are experiencing the change on many levels. On the periphery, there is tension. Stressful events. Wildness and feeling alive in a new way. Some of us feel like our systems are so sensitive and attuned that the magnitude of transformation is overwhelming. The raw majesty of this change is impacting our souls with influxes of energy, heat and pressure. The collective forces feel stronger than ever. The currents of light rushing in are powerful.

We have two choices. We can resist or accept. Acceptance might look like melting in tears and letting them wash away our resistance to new light. Or it might simply mean gently opening and feeling how incredibly benevolent and loving this force of change that is upon us actually is. How merciful this destruction of oppressive systems is, a compassionate release from the false comforts of the old normal.

In ways we won’t realize just how compassionate this movement of fiery grace is until we are on the other side, remembering what it is like to live in a culture of freedom and autonomy. Through this change people will remember how to open their hearts again like little children to live in the subtlety of light without separation.

In the meantime, accepting the change that is happening without the internal fight or flight is the key. Holding the the truth that even if it is extremely painful for you now, there is an expansion after the contraction. This too shall pass. But for now accept the deep change is happening and relax into it. It can either be a tense, white knuckled ride with jolting bumps and bruises or a fluid and deep release of pain.

This is not about resignation and bowing to oppressors. When we let the new light of change enter us and fill our hearts, we can become an agent of change and take incisive action in our own circles. We then have presence of mind and peace in our hearts.

Here is a meditation to help: “The change is happening”