Walking the Path of the Heart

Are you ready to discover what is waiting to be born through your Deep Heart?

The experience of opening the heart's awareness is like stepping into a whole new perceptual world. To see, feel, hear, know and live from the heart opens an understanding and knowledge that can not be perceived from the mind alone. The difference can be compared with the experience of looking at the image of a beach or being on the beach and swimming in the ocean. From the heart, this world is one of sensation and subtlety, a fullness of experience. The mind can only dream of what it is like, the heart lives it.

"Anne did more than any psychotherapist did in years of work to clear my heart…in less than 90 minutes."
- Nancy Trent, Whole Foods Magazine
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This path is one of surrendering the mind to the heart by cleaning the obstacles of the small self from our mind, emotions and soul. While we surrender parts of our nature that are limiting and painful, we continually open to live within the feelings and texture of the heart's qualities. There are many moments of awe and release as the light that comes pouring in lifts us from the density into expansion.
Walking the Path

The developing qualities within the heart open us to the world of the soul. Deepening to this level brings a new subtlety. Qualities like peace, love, mercy, freedom and justice become more embodied and distinct in our awareness. We start to feel them more fully in ourselves, in others and the world around us. As we continue to walk deeper into this experience we become stationed, anchored in these and many other qualities, and begin to live our lives through them.

As we travel even deeper from the soul into the spirit we embody and become the expression of the higher lights of the unitive world where all qualities converge into One. Living in this ’station.' The Love opens secrets, mystical understanding, subtlety and ecstatic freedom. This infuses the mind/body and we live within God, the unified field of Love. Challenges still come but they are welcomed as a means to absorb even more deeply in the One.

What feels good about immersing in this path:

  • Release of conscious and unconscious tension
  • Breaking free from stuck mindsets
  • Being able to feel grace moving you
  • Letting go of self criticism into rich, soft self love
  • Deepening clear, clean intimacy in relationships
  • Feeling the ecstasy of knowing beyond the mind
  • All cells vibrating in joyful surrender
  • Love communicating the right direction in every moment
  • A body gently off-loading the weight of toxins
  • Flow and love in relationships
  • A clear compassionate mind
  • An open loving heart
  • A peaceful soul

How could this path help me?

  • It answers questions on the surface and those of deep meaning
  • It helps you to develop your own inner guidance
  • It opens you to see, feel, hear, know from higher perception
  • It develops your ability to walk through challenges without struggle
  • It gently moves you from the separation of the mind into peaceful unity of the heart
  • It helps you to discern which thoughts, impulses and feelings are of Truth and which are of falsehood
  • It helps you to release entangled attachments and welcome true clarity in relationship
  • It develops the strength and inner support to finally release deep pain or trauma from your system
  • It helps you to release physical and emotional conditions through embodying healing light
  • It teaches you to trust your inner knowing to know which choice is inspired and which is not

How does it work?

This is an experiential path. It meets you right where you are and opens the door to your highest future. The process is a deep dive through dialogue, emotional release through focus on the body and clarifying perceptions stored in the soul. Through gnostic guidance, the teacher of this way helps you to open to your own intuitive knowing and the deeper meanings in your own heart. At a certain point, higher lights of the spirit open up and do the profound work that is way beyond the ego’s understanding. The teacher has walked this path before you and holds the torch for your through every passage, into freedom.

As Rumi says,

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

- Rumi
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These inner barriers are things like defensive beliefs formed in childhood, emotional patterns, and images carried in the mind and expressed in the world that are misaligned. When we unearth these aspects of self, we open to the higher healing presence in your heart, which comes forward to clean and remove them from your system. When room is opened, 'The Love’ or the deeper realities within the spirit effortlessly open and fill you with peace, love, mercy, joy, freedom and true, due north knowing.

The insights from the purest divine source come forward and form new structures of light and strength in you. As you integrate these new forms and ways of being, life and circumstances shift around you to meet your new state. More harmony, peace, deeper seeing, higher knowing and more physical energy are common immediate experiences. After walking this way for some time, the path takes on a life of it's own and lifts you with the tides of love and deep change. It becomes easeful as the path becomes clearer and your capacity to listen and know your way strengthens.


What can I expect in your classes and workshops?

Group Retreats - These groups encompass a process of unfoldment that each individual takes at their own pace, in their own way. There is no pressure to conform or be something you are not. There are no expectations for you to be center stage or on the spot. That said, when our groups gather with individuals who have sincere hearts, there are tangible qualities that gather around and in us. To me it feels like family in the deepest sense. It is absorption in a group who deeply know or long to know what it is to surrender the past challenges, and struggles to The Love. As this happens step by merciful step, the group grows into a family of souls who know each other intimately and see, support each others' unfolding gifts.

These are usually individuals who have lived a broad spectrum of life, have unique experiences and are not easily shocked because they’ve seen and experienced so much already. They are individuals who do not shy away from deeper spiritual realms and in fact long for it. There is a palpable sense of acceptance and true understanding, no matter what is revealed. Within this context, all of the external layers of the mind like self-judgement, over control, and false identities, that have been used to navigate through the world, can dissolve. There is no need to hold on to what is false when faced with what is real and truly alive. This is a journey from the lower worlds into the higher knowing and pure peace, that comes from learning about what is self and what is God, while merging the two in Unity. This path leaves no stone unturned as it heals emotional and soul wounds with the balm of deep love and leaves us with a new shiny, brilliant orientation to life.

What can I expect in sessions?

Sessions - After their first session, people often say, “Well that isn’t what I expected!” The surprise comes from the visceral experience of the soul coming alive in the body. The discovery of the essence of you can produce awe and new hope.

The teacher first helps you to discover what your heart and soul are longing for most and how to attain it. We then do this by drawing out and speaking to deeper parts of yourself. When release of egoic patterns happen, it opens space for the light within your soul to fill you with new feelings and awareness that serves to awaken higher intelligence, upliftment and love in you.

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