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Healing is not up to us -- our personalities, our will, our techniques. Healing comes from the stream of revelation, the feelings and qualities that descend into or radiate from our hearts and spirits. When the mind is managing the healing, it moves energy around and replaces one line of thought with another, exchanging concepts and growing awareness. This is helpful. However, when we move into the realm of healing from our deepest spiritual source, we open to the loving, primordial Presence that knows our souls and our deepest dreams and purpose.

"Anne did more than any psychotherapist did in years of work to clear my heart…in less than 90 minutes."
- Nancy Trent, Whole Foods Magazine
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As the Presence tenderly holds the wounds we've built our egos on top of, we begin to heal from the deepest places inside of us. The shaky foundations become solid. The brittle defenses are softened by a growing strength. A weak focus becomes soft, yet incisive and strong. Essential Love grows in our hearts, warming and soothing us from the inside. Peace emanates from our souls, dispelling anxiety and anger. We come to realize how cherished and loved we are in Existence and can finally, fully relax and trust in ourselves and life. Releasing into this miracle inside of you and the spirit of life around you is the deepest discovery, and this leads to true healing.

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