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Healing is not up to us -- our personalities, our will, our techniques. Healing comes from the clear stream of revealed information, the clarifying light that descends into or radiates from our spirits, through our loving hearts. When the mind manages the healing, it moves energy around and replaces one line of thought with another. It exchanges concepts and grows awareness. This is helpful to a degree. However, when we heal from our spiritual Essence, life transforms with brilliant efficiency.

"Anne did more than any psychotherapist did in years of work to clear my heart…in less than 90 minutes."
- Nancy Trent, Whole Foods Magazine
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The Essential Light goes right to the core of the suffering, like soft laser surgery. It effortlessly eases, softens and releases stored patterns. (There's no stopping with confused mind loops and numbing resistance). 'It' works Its way through all of our humanness with tenderness, compassion and care. It reaches the cause of suffering without stalling at the effect. Ive seen It’s keen focus lift out lifelong pain, to leave one feeling lighter and freer than they can ever remember feeling. Ive seen the clear water of Truth go straight to the underlying question and deliver paradigm shattering answers that brings deep relief from disease. It is not stopped by our elusive personalities or stagnant mind loops. Only fresh, clean Purity of this depth can reach the true goal. Waking up. Living in Reality which is pure pleasure, instead of the ego’s illusion.

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