March 14, 2012
Anne Rice

We have only two choices — to surrender to Love’s will or to something charading as Love. At any given moment we choose to go in either of these two directions, consciously or not. To open to love is to find what is real in our hearts, and be discerning with false ideas about love.

Our experiences form concepts about love that can lead us astray in life and relationship. Is your compass pointing toward your learned experience of love or toward your soul’s knowing of it? When our concepts about love pave our way, we’re usually choosing the opposite of love’s will. We’re all destined to make these mistakes through life, and we feel the effects of it when we find ourselves struggling down the road rather than breezing through. Getting clear about our hidden concepts of what love is, and is not, opens the way for the soul of love to step into the lead.

Love is not a weakness, it is soft, unimposing strength. The longing within the will of love is not needy, it is passionately inspired to travel into the depths of what is real in your own and others’ hearts. Love does not submit to unkindness with meekness. It stands strong in compassion and integrity for the one doing the hurting and the one being hurt. Love’s will is not searching for a self serving outcome, it holds all hearts in the wider lens and sees the way that serves all. Love is not attachment, it is warmth and affection and intimacy without ownership.

Love’s will is a radical, inner non-conformity expressing uniquely through each person. As Sheik Sidi Al-Jamal says, “Break all false idols.” In other words, break the misperceptions and addictions to what is false. Only turn to and behold what is real in the face of love, and come home to it.