The Heart

March 14, 2012
Anne Rice

Did you know that the heart contains neurons? We have the capacity to think from our hearts. It’s true, but just as the brain does not encompass all that the mind is capable of, the heart organ does not encompass the intelligence within it. Instead, the heart serves as a gateway into a deeper intelligence that reaches far beyond the capacity of the rational mind. It is the doorway into your limitless nature or heart’s essence.

The intelligence deep within the heart’s essence is a multi-tasker. It heals and is the source of so-called miracles of change. It can open your receptive ability to hear with clairaudience, see clairvoyantly, feel empathically, and know intuitively. Just when your mind was starting to convince you of the blase’ repetition of the sunset every night, or the boring have-to’s of work, the intelligence of love uplifts and guides, deepens and enriches life.

The intelligence of the heart is unifying. It is a conscious bridge. This is no longer just a known fact in spiritual circles; the magnetic field of our hearts is now able to be measured by scientists. It has been found that the fields of our hearts are linked to each other and the magnetic field of earth. In other words, scientists have found evidence that we directly influence our environment, and people in it, through our hearts.

On 9-11-01, the world stopped to witness a terrible tragedy and for the first time our collective experience was measured. G.O.E.S. (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites) showed a major spike in the data measuring the magnetic field of the earth 15 minutes after the first plane hit the first tower of the world trade center. (Reference Greg Braden  The collective experience of our hearts has immense power. We are all tapped into a unified field and creating it’s shared waves of experience, although most of us are unconscious of this. When attuned to the sensory awareness of the heart, we are able to feel the shifts of the collective and influence how our own hearts interact with this field.

To be a joyful presence on the planet and effect great positive change through our heart’s field, its energy needs to find a clear route into our mind, emotions and body. The brain can become the brilliant thinking tool for the heart. The emotions can morph into the ability to feel love in every molecule. The body becomes it’s vehicle for joyful expression, health and ecstatic sex. When all heart channels are flowing, we become an open system. We become pure synchronicity in laughter and love. And by being this, we affect change.

There is nothing standing in the way between you and your profound heart but the amnesia chosen by your soul. You woke up as a personality with emotions and a runaway mind. Now what? By focusing all your will, your energy, your intention on walking deeper and deeper into the feeling-intelligence of your heart, The Love, answers will come. Numbing resistance, masks, wounds, armor will all come into clear view.. this is good news! Face them directly and keep going. Your heart is calling you home.