Heart Meditation : Living from the heart every day

February 26, 2011
Anne Rice

Love, fulfillment and creativity come from one source, your divine heart. Surrendering to your heart in every moment is the answer to all questions and experience. This is easy to say, but sounds like another spiritual platitude unless grounded in experience. To be real, it must be felt and embodied.

When I began meditating years ago, I started with a simple “watch your thoughts” approach, always coming back to the breath. I stuck with it for some time, even though for long periods on the cushion I’d forget I was meditating and daydream about people, places, conversations and anything else my outworn thought generator could conjure up. Eventually I realized it was time to try something else. I wanted something more tangible than the breath to come back to. I wanted to sink my teeth into something real, an internal presence that I could feel morphing my thoughts and emotions into clarity.

After years of searching for this inner experience, I found the teachers and training that lead the excavation into the profound presence of my heart. What I learned during my “unearthing” is that living in a sustained, healed and “wholed” state can not be found in a tincture bottle or a text book. The heart center holds an immense secret for all of humanity.

The deep, energetic heart center produces a strong electro-magnetic field that has the capacity to draw synchronicities, bring about a higher reality in our daily lives, and align us to our deepest purpose. It has the capacity to heal emotional wounds, clarify thoughts, strengthen health and mend relationships. Within the deep heart sits a timeless, non-linear form of intelligence that lives underneath thought forms and emotional needs. And it provides an elixir that we all long to drink from: Love.

Love is the doorway into the heart’s vast, intelligent feild. Within the feeling texture of love is the highest form of insight and comprehensive truth. It is the development of receptive stillness in this feeling that opens one to hear, see, feel and know this stream of communication beneath the clatter of thoughts. The challenge for the majority of us is to learn to access this state when our mind and emotions are busy putting on a production that steals the show.

Once again, the depth of your heart holds the answer. It not only provides the insight and communicates its high intelligence whenever we are able to receive it, it offers a place for us to release our burdens when we are out of touch. Surrendering all states of mind and emotion into the embrace of this merciful, soothing ocean of love relaxes one into an ongoing flow of release and deeper immersion in higher states. As a result, Love, fulfillment and effortless creativity become a way of life.

A simple practice:
When emotions surface, open your heart and fully embrace and accept them without judgement. When needs go unmet, fill up from the wellspring of your generous heart. When thoughts are cloudy, bow your head to this higher intelligence and allow it to think through you. When any need arises, ask your heart for the experience of fulfillment and wait. The response is always forthcoming, when you are listening.