The Path of the Deep Heart

This school is a sanctuary. The classes, personal and group sessions draw the sincere traveller deep beyond the ego, emotions, mindsets into Essential Love. Here, all confusion and vague misperceptions dissolve. The nature of you, existence and Infinite Love come into sharp, clean focus. Once the old shell of identity and illusion gently releases it’s hold, your heart and soul reach into beautiful mystical states beyond all comprehension. As these states become established in your being, they become what master sufis call “stations”. With time exploring each 'station of the way', you finally become what you have been longing for most. Essential Love. Authentic, unified Joy. Abiding Peace. If your heart longs for this depth of life transformation, it only takes a few small steps to start your journey Home.

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What People are Saying about Anne's Sessions

Aloha, I've had the privilege of knowing Anne Laila Rice for nearly a decade.

She has a rare, omg, gentle, pure, loving heart, and is truly one of the most gifted psychic intuitive healers I've yet to meet.  Anne has a natural gift for "downloading" Divine guidance, for exactly what you need, to help crack your heart open, and set you free. I trust her with my patients and clients, no matter what challenges or trauma they're facing.

Anne's at the top of my list, when I myself, feel like I'm "in trouble." Again and again, she has been an absolute, light in the tunnel, life line.

-Nadia Hole, MD

"I have been working with Anne for many years and I attended my first 5 days retreat with her. It was such an incredible experience that finding words is hard. Anne's energy of love, wisdom and deep compassion created a space where we all were able to be fully vulnerable in our wounds, our fears, our anger and our shadow. I felt deeply seen, heard and loved and that was so healing for my soul. My heart feels more open than ever, my connection with the Divine is deeper and stronger. I can touch the softness of my heart and at the same time feel the strength of my soul. The wisdom that Anne shared helped me to have more clarity and understanding of all the voices in my head, and truly understand who they are and that it is not me. I feel so much peace, love, joy and freedom. For anyone who is ready to heal their childhood wounds, break free from the mind's addicting patterns and start living in their hearts, from their hearts, Anne's retreat is that place."

-Alex Gil, Boulder - CO

"This retreat was the best thing I didn't know my heart and my life needed. It is a gift of peace, clarity, connection, and safety which is nurtured, strengthened and gently refined for the 5 days we were together. Do not be afraid if you feel like you are searching. You are not alone! Come to this retreat to regain joy and happiness if it is missing in your everyday life. Walking with Anne is a journey you will not regret."

-Liziel, CA

"I attended a 5 day retreat with Anne and it completely changed the way I see the world. Her deep strength led me along the path in the most compassionate and loving way even when I was afraid or felt I could not do it. She created a safe, warm environment where all of us could let go of what was no longer serving us and hold and love the parts of ourselves we least want to acknowledge. I have worked with Anne for years and it has been the greatest turning point in my life. I have so much gratitude that when I called out for help, God placed her in my path.

This work and this path is for those who hear in their hearts that there is more to life than what they currently see. That there is a way to feel whole in a world that so often feels like it is breaking us apart. If you hear this calling I hope that you reach out to Anne so she can be your guide, as she has guided myself, and so many others."


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