Advanced Healing Retreat 

January 4-8 in Niwot, Colorado

Have you been walking the path for a long time?

Have you done years of body work, somatic psychotherapy, energy work with emotional release or other release modalities and feel ready to go deeper?

Are you ready to discover your Essential Self and release the ego’s hold on you?

In this advanced healing retreat we will be breaking the glass ceiling that has limited your growth potential.

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What students in retreats have received:

  • Openings to higher perception beyond what has been previously reached
  • Release of habitual mental patterns
  • Gentle, safe release from trauma patterns and a relaxed nervous system
  • Unwavering connection to The Love through the spiritual heart
  • Fulfillment of longstanding emotional needs
  • Lucid long-lasting experience of the essence of light within the soul
  • Synchronistic, personal unfoldment of ones unique intentions
  • Direct internal guidance from the highest source
  • Meaningful friendships

Long lasting changes that have been seen:

  • Clarity and depth of intimacy in relationships
  • A consistent, general feeling of lighthearted joy and deep cellular contentment
  • Strength of heartfelt purpose
  • Experiencing The Love within everyone and everything
  • Embodiment of universal connection and belonging
  • Resolving of physical conditions
  • Clarity of mind and emotional fulfillment
  • Opening of new pathways, relationships and meaning in the world
  • And much much more...

What People are Saying:

"I have been working with Anne for many years and I attended my first 5 days retreat with her. It was such an incredible experience that finding words is hard. Anne's energy of love, wisdom and deep compassion created a space where we all were able to be fully vulnerable in our wounds, our fears, our anger and our shadow. I felt deeply seen, heard and loved and that was so healing for my soul. My heart feels more open than ever, my connection with the Divine is deeper and stronger. I can touch the softness of my heart and at the same time feel the strength of my soul. The wisdom that Anne shared helped me to have more clarity and understanding of all the voices in my head, and truly understand who they are and that it is not me. I feel so much peace, love, joy and freedom. For anyone who is ready to heal their childhood wounds, break free from the mind's addicting patterns and start living in their hearts, from their hearts, Anne's retreat is that place."

-Alex Gil, Boulder - CO

"This retreat was the best thing I didn't know my heart and my life needed. It is a gift of peace, clarity, connection, and safety which is nurtured, strengthened and gently refined for the 5 days we were together. Do not be afraid if you feel like you are searching. You are not alone! Come to this retreat to regain joy and happiness if it is missing in your everyday life. Walking with Anne is a journey you will not regret."

-Liziel, CA

"I attended a 5 day retreat with Anne and it completely changed the way I see the world. Her deep strength led me along the path in the most compassionate and loving way even when I was afraid or felt I could not do it. She created a safe, warm environment where all of us could let go of what was no longer serving us and hold and love the parts of ourselves we least want to acknowledge. I have worked with Anne for years and it has been the greatest turning point in my life. I have so much gratitude that when I called out for help, God placed her in my path.

This work and this path is for those who hear in their hearts that there is more to life than what they currently see. That there is a way to feel whole in a world that so often feels like it is breaking us apart. If you hear this calling I hope that you reach out to Anne so she can be your guide, as she has guided myself, and so many others."


    Workshop Specifics:

    Location: Niwot, Colorado
    Dates: January 4-8
    Cost: $1275 ($1100 Early Bird pricing available until Dec 1.)

    Accommodations: The Niwot Inn and Spa in Niwot, CO is a beautiful spot with lots of light, every room cozy with a fireplace. Breakfast with coffee and tea is served every morning. Niwot town has restaurants, coffee shops, a market and boutiques. Or Boulder is a 10 minute drive away for parks, hiking, walking trails and many great restaurants.

    (Intermediate and introductory retreats also upcoming)

    Contact Anne to Register:

    Call Anne at 720-416-4111

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    Anne Rice has held workshops, groups, and a private practice for 23 years in hot spots for inspired personal growth-- Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Sedona, AZ, Boulder, CO and Maui. Her foundation is in Counseling and Somatic Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Pathwork and Advanced Sufi Energy Healing. Anne’s ever-evolving practice of personal and communal spiritual development is currently based in Boulder, CO where she lives with her beloved family.