Note: We are using images to describe how things work on this page. So if you try to click on them, even if it looks like a “clickable” button, it wont work. The images are outlined in a dashed border. 🙂

When you subscribe to a class or to get course material, you are asked to set up a username and password.  Please keep this in a safe place.  The username and password allow you to login to the Student Area of the School of the Deep Heart, additionaly you can use Facebook to login (more on that below).  Logging in gives you access to new menu items that allow you to see your course material.

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Once you have purchased a course or material you can access your pages with the content under “My Courses & Material”. If you have not purchased any items than these menu options are not available.

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Logging in with Facebook

For convenience you can use Facebook to login to School of the Deep Heart.  Just look for this logo how fb when registering with us. You can do this when you first sign up, or you can link an existing account at any time.  Either way you will come across this screen at some point if you choose to login with Facebook.  It will say “Thanks for signing in using Facebook. Do you already have an account on this site, or would you like to create one?” Now when you return to the site you can use the Facebook Login button to login.

When you sign in with facebook the username is usually pre-filled out with something like “fb_10205875109468617”. Now is a good time to change that. Your username can be anything you wish. If you forget to do this you can always change your username and even your password by visitng the My Profile page.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.