The Unitive

May 28, 2010
Anne Rice

What does it mean when people say, “Everything is spirit”? “We are all one”? “All there is is love”? Sometimes these statements feel meaningful and connect deeply. Other times they are merely platitudes, dry and stale like a month old loaf of bread. It completely depends on the perception of the speaker and the listener. When we communicate from the “unitive level” we strike chords in each other and words go deep. Life on the “unitive level” of consciousness is a felt grace. Here, we are tuned into the substance of life that makes up each atom, our foundation. We are in it when laughter and hilarity bubble up from deep inside, when our minds are blown by the beauty of our tropical paradise, when our children bring joyful tears to our eyes. We may go days or weeks “in the flow” of the unitive.

Then, what happens when we suddenly find ourselves in separation. We have stepped into “the relative level” of life. Suddenly, the dog barking next door annoyingly consumes our attention. The VOG sets in and our minds go haywire. The bills arrive and sit on the table nagging at us to open them. People seem disconnected and less friendly than they were just yesterday. “How could this be? I was so happy.”

The unitive level of life is our inner depth talking. And we listen. It is a deep form of communication that can be felt in our bones and cells once we invite it and engage it. It can be felt as a spark going off in our hearts while we breath life into the fire. We build on this energy and expand the unitive into our lives only as far as our minds and bodies can stretch. We know we’ve reached maximum capacity when elation and excitement lead into anxiety, when our minds slip from an expanse into old patterns, and our bodies begin to ache in familiar places. This is where spirit meets ego, or the resistance to spirit. What is your edge right now? What is it you have trouble expanding into?

Once we understand and heal the relative reality of our minds and emotions, our unified spirit can grow into diseased cells and bring health. It can infuse it’s light into negative thought patterns with peaceful presence. The sublime feeling of it can morph our emotions into passion and fulfillment. Find your edge. Where in your body and mind are you ready to let go into The Unitive?