The Secret to Manifestation

March 25, 2015
Anne Rice

‘Manifestation’ has been a concept floating around spiritual communities for a long time. The basic understanding is that if you want to create something in your life, it takes visualization and focus on that object or situation with positive thinking and feeling. Many people have been disenchanted by this process because, once started, it becomes clear that the subconscious part of ourselves play a huge role in what manifests and what does not. Maybe you have tried manifesting something important to you and have bumped up against mind states and emotions that are so persistent that you’ve given up trying. This is common. How can we be persistent in creating our hopes and wishes when we are not feeling inspired, and especially when we are confused, emotional, distracted or doubtful?

We absolutely do have the power of creation inside of us. 99% of the time we can be healed of cancers, broken limbs, relationships, poverty and anything we sincerely commit to healing if our soul is committed to the process. The key is in the unwinding and letting go of the layers of self that inhibit our souls intention. When we do, what naturally opens up is our profound power to create, heal and transform ourselves. Our highest form of creation and expression is what feels good in our deep heart or what our heart yearns for–this is our higher will. When we stop creating from the small self or lower will of the ego and let go into the divine stream, what is organically created in life is most fulfilling.

For example, Our ego may decide it wants to have a fancy car. So maybe we focus on it for a while and it somehow finds it’s way to us. The question is, what is the intention behind wanting the car? Is it for appearances sake? This is a reason that drives the ego. If we do successfully manifest the car with an unconscious motivation, what we are left with is an initial surge of excitement and maybe an inflated sense of self. This dissipates rather quickly and before we know it we may lose interest in the car or we will simply find ourselves driving down the road in yet another hungry mind state craving another temporary material fix. This is a compulsive cycle.

On the other hand, when we align with the conscious will of the deep heart, what is eventually created is satisfying. It brings joy and ease in life and leads to a synchronistic flow into more depth of heart. Most likely it will serve our deeper purpose. …And, the car could be the highest way for some. Maybe the fancy car serves someone to release an old identity, or express their passion. In this case their heart leads the way. Creations from the heart and soul manifest in unlimited ways.

We are creative beings with great power to make things out of thoughts and feelings. The question is, does our creation lead us toward inner riches or external emptiness? The release of lower intentions creates space for clarity. Unveiling the meaning behind your desire brings direction. The guidance actualized by step by step action builds the joy in creating something that is inspired. When you’re on line with your heart and soul it’s very clear which creation serves your deeper meaning and will bring the most joy. So manifestation is more about synching up to what is most aligned and letting the other desires fall away.