Darkness as a Catalyst

April 8, 2016
Anne Rice

This is a strong, purifying time. You might feel yourself being challenged in ways you never have. Darkness might be coming into your consciousness and creating an unsettling feeling. Life situations might feel overwhelming and/or full of despair. If so, you are not alone. Collectively we are at a turning point. We are shedding the old. In order to do that the darkness needs to come into view, everything needs to be witnessed and the comprehension of what has been hidden needs to dawn on us before we can overcome it.

There are many in government, media, and public positions channeling the collective darkness. What is coming out into the open has been there in our society (and in each one of us subtly or not so) all along. Now it’s coming out to be witnessed. This is difficult but essential. Feelings of outrage, dominance/victimization and fear are being stirred up for people to face in themselves. AND this is bringing enough awareness and vulnerability that it is spurring people to see the dangers of the establishment and respond by spreading awareness. All ways we have been in denial need to be revealed before transformation can happen and we can fully embrace Unity.

We need to always ask ourselves, who benefits from my judgement toward others? Who is stoking the division in social groups and society? If people are being placed in categories and condemned on both sides, we are losing sight of the individual spirit and the truth that the vast majority of individuals want the same things. Peace. Freedom. Safety. Connection. Respect. Love. The spirit of darkness divides and feeds separation. Regardless of political affiliation, personal beliefs, media sources, we are people with hearts who are growing, loving and finding our way through our own challenges. Blaming and negative focus on others takes us away from our personal journeys and evolution.. Strong opinions and judgements about others with different perspectives is one of those hooks that the darkness attaches to.

When the spirit of darkness forms in our consciousness and we feed it with anger, hatred and passion, we are going down a dark rabbit hole and away from the spirit of connection with humanity. Will you let darkness catalyze you to divide and conquer or catalyze you to wake up and find compassion for the suffering on either side of the divide? Our souls are being tested, to choose war with others in the name of justice or to choose justice in the name of unity. It’s time to put down the sword that the darkness wields and see our fellow humans as individuals who love their children and value their lives just like you. Harnessing the “NO” to dark impulses in ourselves and refusing to feed the lower drives of hatred, greed, back biting, and fear is an inside job that each of us is responsible for at this time if we are to rise up in forgiveness and make this right.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr. in his speech, Loving Your Enemies.