Ageless Living

May 28, 2010
Anne Rice

Ageless living does not mean “feeling good all the time”. Our bodies and minds usually need to have the experience of the lows, and sometimes illnesses, while integrating higher levels of health. Similar to The Herxheimer effect, which is the symptoms of detoxing, our system needs to process through the old stuff before it can let go and step up to another level of purity and agelessness. This can be felt on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Ageless living is found in the deepening experience of joy through the authentic acceptance of being human. Complete loving acceptance (which is different than complacency) of all mind states, emotions and physical challenges loosens our tight, subconscious grip on life. When we hold the perspective that each internal experience is here to guide us deeper into joy, trust develops and struggle leaves. There is no longer the internal stress of trying to live up to a standard of health or the idea of perfection. It is the difference between relaxing into the flow and being frozen in time. The flow leaves us feeling peaceful and, often, very healthy.

So, if one day you feel 20 years older than your physical age bring kindness to your flaws and compassion to your aching muscles and heavy heart. The next day you could feel 20 years younger. Age is only relative to how you feel in the moment. Agelessness is the gentle acceptance of the impermanence of our bodies and the full hearted embodiment of the immortal.